With the above policy for getting medications during your office visit, you should not need to call to get refills. If you are almost out, then you are due for an appointment!

You may contact our office during business hours Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm to request a medication refill. Please do not call the after-hours number for refill requests. Please note we do require a 48-hour notice. An office visit may be required to receive some medication refills. If you do not have 48 hours of medication left, please call and schedule an appointment for temporary medication refill only visit. You will be prescribed enough medication to last until you can get your chronic medical problem appointment visit, at which time you will be given your usual prescription refills.

We occasionally receive medication samples and these are ONLY given as available DURING an office visit.

It is our strict policy NEVER to refill controlled substances (narcotics, etc.) after-hours or on weekends. Plan ahead! We do not prescribe ongoing chronic narcotic medication. We refer patients to pain management specialists who need such refills.


We want our patients to take the correct medication and the correct dose. To ensure this we strongly suggest you keep a written record of your medications and bring it with you to every visit. Bring your actual prescription bottles if unable to bring a list.

Give the list of medications for which you need refills to the nurse as you enter the exam room. If you have had ANY change in dosage or medication since your last office visit, please bring it to the attention of the nurse.

We want you to obtain all refills at your regular office visit. This is most efficient for you and for us. For patients being treated for ongoing chronic medical problems (i.e. hypertension, diabetes, asthma, high cholesterol, anxiety/depression, thyroid conditions, etc.), please make sure you have your prescriptions (enough to last until your NEXT office visit) before leaving your current office visit.

Check all your bottles for refills needed BEFORE your next regularly scheduled office visit.